Cosmetic Acupuncture AlbuquerqueDr. Meade uses Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques for cosmetic acupuncture, which is often referred to as facial acupuncture or acupuncture facelift.  She also uses microneedling and nano needling, a procedure often called collagen induction therapy in her cosmetic acupuncture treatments.  Dr. Meade practices acupuncture and associated techniques such as gua sha, cupping, Kinesio tape, light therapy, and infrared crystal mat therapy for pain management and overall wellness.

As you age, your skin reduces its elasticity which causes more wrinkles, lines, and blemishes. All you need is a couple of moments every day of squinting into the sun, your phone screen, or dealing with everyday stress to age your appearance by years.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a non-invasive treatment that uses acupuncture to improve skin and fight the aging process. Sometimes referred to as an “acupuncture facelift” or “facial rejuvenation,” cosmetic acupuncture often is used as an alternative to surgical facelifts and other conventional procedures said to reverse signs of aging in the skin.     

Cosmetic Acupuncture is typically facial acupuncture and has traditionally been used to help with pain and stress relief, but more people have discovered its wrinkle reducing benefits as well. Not everyone is comfortable with anti-aging procedures like facelifts and Botox injections and prefer a more natural approach and subtle results over more drastic treatments.  We provide cosmetic acupuncture to Albuquerque and all of New Mexico.

facial acupunctureWhen you need an all-natural and safe outpatient way of improving your appearance, cosmetic acupuncture and microneedling may be the ideal solution for your needs. Over time, Acuqueruque has switched its focus from traditional Acupuncture to Cosmetic Acupuncture and Microneedling with a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) approach. After only 4 treatments, once per month, patients notice improvements that last for years.

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What Does a Cosmetic Treatment Entail?

When microneedling is performed, you are made comfortable on the table and a numbing cream is applied. After thirty minutes the numbing agent is removed and Dr. Meade applies hyaluronic acid and a TCM serum. This is used to help the pen glide across the skin. After your microneedling appointment you may feel like you have a sunburn and can resume your normal activities the next day. This can only be done once a month. After four to six sessions, you can really see the results.

Nano needling can be done at any time. Because there is no insertion of needles and no numbing agent is required. This is done in between microneedling and improves the overall treatments. This treatment takes about twenty minutes.

When you choose Acuquerque, we carefully apply our best method of fighting back against aging with targeted needle insertions where your skin needs the most rejuvenation. By promoting increased collagen growth from your body’s naturally released chemicals, it can help lessen lines and wrinkles and promote a younger, more youthful appearance. Whether you need help getting your confidence back or remain uncomfortable about cosmetic surgery, our experienced acupuncturists are ready to help you. Contact us for the best in Albuquerque, NM cosmetic acupuncture.

Rest assured that while most people come for the cosmetic benefits, you’ll most certainly notice other benefits as well!


Cosmetic AcupunctureMicroneedling is a cosmetic procedure. It involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The small wounds cause your body to make more collagen and elastin, which heal your skin and help you look younger. You might also hear it called collagen induction therapy, or collagen therapy.  The results that patients see from Collagen Induction Therapy before and after are nothing less than extraordinary, with patients having noticeably clearer skin even immediately after their first treatment.  Acuquerque provides state of the art microneedling in Albuquerque.

Microneedling Albuquerque


These microscopic hair-like cones separate the cells within the epidermis to allow active products to be pushed into the skin. Nano needling only affects the epidermis, treating within the upper .15 mm of the skin. The benefits of this serum infusion treatment includes pigmentation reduction, increased cell turnover, skin rejuvenation and an immediate glow with no downtime. This treatment can be done weekly to exfoliate the skin. Within 15 minutes after nano needling, the nano channels close themselves. Nano needling is gentle and safe, but very effective.


Microneedling AlbuquerqueAre you experiencing fertility issues?

Do you have sleeping problems?

Are you anxious?

Acupuncture is a safe, natural alternative in helping with fertility issues, anti-aging, skin health, sleeping issues, anxiety, colds, flus, and so much more. Acupuncture offers overall health by focusing on the whole person. Acupuncture is a great lifestyle change that can benefit anyone.

Acupuncture is a technique in which practitioners stimulate specific points on the body – most often by inserting thin needles through the skin. It is one of the practices used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Microneedling Albuquerque

What will the acupuncture treatment entail? In our clinic, we offer acupuncture in albuquerque — the first treatment is about two hours. During this session we will ask you questions about what brought you in, and about your health history. We will ask you about your medications, so having a list is a great idea. From there, we proceed to getting you comfortable on a massage table as the needles will be placed in the points that we have individualized for you. We will also use a heat lamp which is infrared. You will rest comfortably for about forty-five minutes. After the acupuncture treatment we will often perform additionial procedures such as cupping, gua sha, massage, and or Kinesio taping. This will all be discussed with you before any procedure is done. A treatment plan will be discussed with you at the end of your first treatment. The follow up acupuncture treatments are completed in an hour.

Insurance, we are proud to accept the following:
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Health Care
We also have options for self-pay patients

Fertility Enhancement

Acupuncture impacts the endocrine system, vital for reproductive hormone regulation and balances hormones that are crucial for regular menstrual cycles and fertility. Good blood flow is vital for fertility, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the ovaries and acupuncture helps boost circulation to reproductive organs, aiding follicular development and a robust uterine lining for successful implantation and pregnancy. Acupuncture enhances cycle predictability and addresses issues like PCOS and irregular periods, tied to hormonal imbalance. Stress can significantly impact fertility, disrupting hormones and ovulation. Acupuncture, know for its relaxation benefits, induces deep calm during sessions and by alleviating stress, it fosters a healthier emotional and hormonal milieu, aiding those facing unexplained infertility or hectic lifestyles while trying to conceive.

Infrared Crystal Mat Therapy

Infrared light therapy is on the light spectrum visible to the eye. It penetrates deeply and generates warmth up to four feet. Infrared light warms the body from the inside and moves toxins from the body outward to be expelled or processed.

The Chakras and the precious stones that are used inside the AcuMat® Plus+

Crown Chakra

Stone: Amethyst

– Assists with physical and emotional issues.

Third Eye Chakra

Stone: Sodalite

– Brings emotional balance and enhances self-esteem.

Throat Chakra

Stone: Blue Lace Agate

– Assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.

Heart Chakra

Stone: Green Aventurine

– Dissolves negative emotions and thoughts.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Stone: Yellow Aventurine

– Helps focus intentions and provides ease in being yourself.

Sacral Chakra

Stone: Carnelian

– Promotes positive life choices and motivates for success.

Root Chakra

Stone: Red Jasper

– Brings insight into difficult situations and calms the emotions.

light Therapy

Research shows that red and infrared light therapy can significantly improve skin complexion, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and increase collagen density.


Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing method in which professionals use a smooth-edge tool to stroke the skin while applying pressure. This motion raises small, red, rash-like dots that show under your skin called petechiae. It is used to help chronic pain all over the body and helps with flus and colds.


Cupping is a practice used in traditional medicine in several parts of the world. It involves creating suction on the skin using a glass, ceramic, bamboo, or plastic cup. Negative pressure is created in the cup either by applying a flame to the cup to remove oxygen before placing it on the skin or by attaching a suction device to the cup after it is placed on the skin. Premier athletes have used this technique to help with their pain, as has been noticed during the most recent Olympic games.


Kinesiology tape is really stretchy.

Dr. Kase created Kinesio tape with a proprietary blend of cotton and nylon. It’s designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity so you can use your full range of motion. The tape’s medical-grade adhesive is also water-resistant and strong enough to stay on for three to five days, even while you work out or take showers. When the tape is applied to your body, it recoils slightly, gently lifting your skin. It is believed that this helps to create a microscopic space between your skin and the tissues underneath it. This tape is used in rehabilitation, injuries, and enhancing performance.


Dr. Lindsay Meade, Acupuncture Albuquerque

Dr. Lindsay Meade DOM #966

Specializing in anti-aging, fertility, and wellness.

Dr. Lindsay Meade acquired a Masters in Oriental Medicine in 2007. She began working as a massage therapist in the Albuquerque area in 2003 and this sparked her interest in Oriental Medicine. During her schooling at Southwest Acupuncture College, Dr. Meade was able to participate in a clinical internship in Hanoi, Vietnam at the Traditional Hospital of Medicine.

Dr. Meade now practices micro and nano needling, cosmetic acupuncture, acupuncture, Chinese herbology, massage, Tuina- a form of Chinese massage, cupping, gua sha, and Kinesio taping. She is committed to serving her community and offers a different approach to anti-aging and healthcare.


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