“I loved the experience and results of the cosmetic acupuncture treatment. Its really a multi-dimensional treatment in that it improves the look of the face as well as health. I had an easy detox during the treatment, which left me with more energy.

I also found that my face really did look younger!

Cheeks, Forehead, Lips – before & after

The skin is firmer and the tone more even. Its a wonderful thing because its

totally natural and the results last! Lindsay is an excellent doctor by the way.

She is both professional and personable. She is kind, intuitive and gentle yet also accurate and precise in her knowledge of Chinese medicine and its application. Excellent work.

“Five Stars.”

– Alia T, Abq, NM.




On August 29, 2012 life for our family changed in a dramatic way. Bill suffered a simultaneous heart attack and stroke. Bill was fortunate to have received immediate treatment and survived. After spending a month in the hospital Bill returned home. He was facing weeks of occupational, speech and physical therapy. Bill was very fortunate; the damage to his heart had been minimal but the damage to his brain was significant.


Upon returning home he exhibited many of the common symptoms of a stroke survivor. His speech was slurred. He drooled. He suffered severe left side neglect and was extremely weak on his left side. Bill was unable to walk without the use of a walker. He was unable to get out of bed by himself and could not remember how to position himself to sit up. His cognitive and reasoning abilities were impaired. He was unable to perform simple math and could not play Sudoku, one of his favorite past times.


Dr. Meade suggested Bill take part in a seminar for the Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe as a demonstration patient for scalp acupuncture. It was amazing to see Bill walk without his walker after one treatment of this revolutionary technique. Dr. Meade has continued to treat Bill with scalp acupuncture and Bill has made considerable progress. Bill returned to work only four months after his stroke/heart attack; only three months after beginning scalp acupuncture treatment. He still faces hurdles but there is no doubt his condition significantly improved because of this therapy. Our family can never thank Dr. Meade enough for her heartfelt and conscientious care for Bill and his continued healing.

– Yuomme B, Alb, NM. 2013


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